Sunday, April 15, 2007

Never Again!

Today and all Monday, Israel remembered those murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.
6 million innocent men, women, children and babies were murdered and tortured by the Nazi in cold blood only because they were Jews.

Lets take a few minute to remember..

Yizkor-A Holocaust prayer

"God full of mercy who dwells on high
Protector of widows and father for the fatherless
Please be not silent and show no restraint
on behalf of the Jewish blood that has been spilled like water.

But grant perfect rest on the wings of Your Divine Presence
In the lofty abode of the holy, pure and valiant
who shine as the brightness of the heavens
to the souls of our brothers and sisters

Six million Jewish
men, women and children
Who were put to death, slaughtered, burned, starved, buried alive
Or who suffered other forms of unnatural death at the hands of the accursed Nazis
and their associates - may their name be wiped out!

In Auschwitz, Treblinka, Maydanek, Malthausen and in other death camps in Europe
And who gave up their lives in order to Sanctify God's name.
Because we are at one with their memory and we pray for the elevation of their souls

Their resting place shall be in the Garden of Eden.

Therefore, shall the Master of mercy care for them under the protection of His wings for all time
And bind their souls in the bond of everlasting life.
O Earth! Do not conceal their blood and let there not be a resting place for their cry

In their merit shall the remnant of Israel return to its rightful place
And as for the holy ones, their righteousness shall be in front of the Lord as an everlasting memory

They will come in peace and will rest in peace
They will meet their rightful destiny at the end of days
and let us say Amen.

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