Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Israeli Army, The Most Humane army in the world

Israel - through its emergency rescue operations abroad and its foreign assistance missions - strives to realize the Jewish value of "Tikkun Olam", saving lives and making the world a better place for all its inhabitants.


Anonymous said...

So why kill innocent children?

Anonymous said...

How come you call it Israel, did you forget that it is Palastine islamic Arabic country, really you are very strange community

Anonymous said...

To the annon. Islamic-bigot. When was Israel an independent "sovereign' country by Arabs/Muslims?

How many years before Islam was [even] 'born' was Israel the Jews'?

What percentage of the Arabs who since the 1960s' call themselves exclusively as "palestinians" are any "natives" to the historic land of the Jews?

Syria, Egypt, S. Arabia are the main roots/origin of these Arab invaders (1800-1900),

Anonymous said...

Arab Islamic :fighters" intentionally use children so they can blame the Zionists and blemish their names. Despite the most humane army (IDF) measures to minimize collateral damage while targeting Arab-Muslim attackers who aim at civilian Israelis [like Qassams at kindergartens, etc.] behind/among their own civilian population.

The skewed image of Israel being the "Goliath" is incorrect. They are physically weak when confronted evil that uses its own women and children as shields. The Arab-Islamic bigoted attacker knows this. Which is why he never stops. As "human rights organizations" will never take him to account. Despite (Hamas for example who is the OFFICIAL regime (in Gaza, or even moderate Fatah's terror thugs of the 'Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade') fault in its crimes against humanity.