Thursday, March 22, 2007

Different Values? Or who do we believe?

Today's present Israeli-Palestinian conflict often makes one wonder which side is most correct in their national goals? Are the Palestinians correct when they accuse the Israeli government, and especially the Israeli military of undue harassment against innocent Palestinians, including women and children? Is Israel's unilateral separation policy, including the building of the separation wall, really a situation similar to apartheid (as noted in former U.S. President Jimmy Carter's new book)? From the Israeli point of view, have the numerous suicide bombing and shooting attacks against Israelis, including Kassam rocket attacks against Sderot and other Israeli communities, reason for Israeli reprisals including "targeted assassinations" of Palestinian militants?

While many observers (especially in other countries) feel that both sides have just reasons for their actions, in order to put the matter into its proper perspective the following points should be noted here:

1. Since their formation, both the PLO and the Islamic Hamas organizations have refuse
to acknowledge Israel's existence. Palestinian school text books make no mention of
the State of Israel, and this subject is not taught in Palestinian schools, except from a
negative standpoint.

2. While human life is sacred to Jews ("he who saves one life has saved the entire
world") Muslims seem to accept martyrdom as not only acceptable but even as a
holy duty. This is why so man Palestinians are so willing to become Shahiddim
or Holy Martyrs, and even Palestinian parents are proud that their children
choose to become human bombs in order to kill their hated enemy.

3. Even 'moderate' Palestinians say there is no place for a Jewish State within their
midst.. This is an unfortunate truth, and until this attitude changes, the chance for
peace between the two peoples will be impossible to become reality.

Those who still blame Israel for being the obstacle to peace should see the situation as it really exists. If Palestinians will stop killing and injuring Israelis, Israeli military forces will make life easier for Palestinians. The so called 'security fence' or wall was only built due to the continuous attacks by Palestinians against innocent Israelis. Before the 1st and 2nd Intifada uprisings thousand of Palestinians worked in Israel. They supported their families, and also shopped and enjoyed Israeli restaurants and other places of entertainment. Now, the Palestinian Authority has an 80% unemployment rate, and Palestinians have great difficulty even going to hospitals within Israel – all because of the strife between the two peoples.

So, which values are more unjust? It depends on which side you are addressing them from.

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